Topic Maps Query Language

The Topic Maps Query Language (TMQL) is the most prominent query language for Topic Maps. There exist several versions. The 2008 draft and the 2010 draft are the most prominent.

Other popular languages are TOLOG which is most prominently used with Ontopia


Standard draft available here

Implementation (Java/TMAPI) available here


Implementation (Java/TMAPI) available here



More Information

For programmers, many software libraries, called Topic Maps engines are available to use, some of which are part of complete knowledge management solutions.

Students and academics will find the Topic Maps Library useful. It includes many publications, a glossary, information about standards and more.

Many companies offer commercial services and/or consulting around Topic Maps products. The list of sponsors of TMRA is a good place to look for them. The Topic Maps Projects list gives some starting points, too.

The Standards are available through ISO. The latest versions can also be obtained at The most prominent standard is the Topic Maps Data Model which uses XTM 2 and CTM as serializations.